Beautiful Lizzy

Swift winds blowing, sun blazing like the start of summer, life moving as if no one cared to know why. Young boy raised to realize life is a test and dreams are all he has. Who said dreams are to be chased? who said one can’t focus on reality while indulging on life’s fantasies? Like any boy raised in a normal household, life was said to be success first and fun after. Growing up in the ghetto, having no friend but only his kid brother and his parents as the people to talk to, it all seemed to be unfair. At the age of 6 he got sent to a primary school nearby where he met a lot of people who seemed to be more mean than friendly, we all know how kids can be right? As he progressed with his life at school, books became his best friend. he came to understand why most things happen like they happen when they happen. He seemed to not care for much of the excitement that was around him, but only his books. As he was doing grade 5, he came across a pretty young, smart girl, who also had more focus on her books than on the exciting life, named Lizzy. Beautiful name it was. Same year he met Lizzy, his kid brother also started school. he didn’t pay much attention to his kid brother as he was too charmed by Lizzy. His parents started interferring and asking him to treat his brother well, but like a basketball those words kept bouncing on his ears. what was it about Lizzy that had the young boy stupid? she had something he never actually had, love. By grade 7 they made a decision to go to the same high-school, they were clearly involved without even saying it. His kid brother become friendly with Lizzy, he didn’t have it in him to tell his kid brother that Lizzy was more than a friend to him. It’s scientifically proven that opposite attract. Lizzy was a good girl, and he was good too, his kid brother was a little bad although he knew where to draw the line. Too obvious it was, Lizzy began to hang out with his kid brother more than she hung out with him. He became…

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