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The four Gospels of the Bible provide eyewitness testimony to the miracles of Jesus. The miracles of Jesus include Jesus healing the blind, Jesus casting out demons, Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, and Jesus walking on water. Miracles can be defined as supernatural acts that happen in the natural world. Jesus performed all these miracles as evidence of who He is as well as to provide a beneficial result. The miracles of Jesus reinforces Christian faith. This is because if these miracles are true, then it follows that the message of Jesus Christ is true. Jesus is our Lord and Savior for those of us that believe in Him. Jesus has power over death, over sickness, over demons, and over the natural world. (Marks 5 and John 11 King James)
The opening two verses of Matthew 5 are not an introduction in the modern sense of the word. That is, they do not give an initial summary or preview of the content. Rather, these verses provide important insight into Matthew’s understanding of the Sermon’s framework. First, Matthew places Jesus on the mountain to deliver the Sermon. This contrasts with Luke 6:17 where Jesus is said to deliver the Sermon from “a level place.” For Matthew, the mountain is a place of divine revelation. It also introduces his concept of Jesus as the new Moses. The comment that Jesus was seated is also important. Sitting was the position for rabbis when they were giving official teaching of the Law. Their seat was called “the seat of Moses.” To say that Jesus was seated speaks both of his authority to give genuine interpretation from God and his connection to Moses. Moses received the Law on the mountain by revelation from God. Jesus gave the Sermon on the mountain as revelation from God.The second important insight from the opening verses appears in the Greek form of the verb taught in verse 2. The verb form shows that Matthew did not regard the Sermon as a single event in Jesus’ life. Rather, it represented the pattern of Jesus’ typical…

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