Integrative Network Design ProjectIntegrative Network Design Project Abstract Kudler Fine Foods is currently seeking to connect three locations via a Wide Area Network (WAN), create a wireless local area network (WLAN) in each store and add a voice over internet protocol phone system throughout the network. The purpose of this paper is to lay out a design that will accomplish these goals and includes the ability to expand beyond the current stores.
Hardware and Software All computer networks are comprised of hardware components and software. Kudler Fine Foods has three locations and each of these locations require their own hardware components. The software components of the network will also need to be installed at each of the locations. The hardware components of the network, that will be located at each site, are a router, switch, firewall, end nodes, and wireless access points. A router will be used to allow each site to communicate with the other locations. A switch will be used to connect all of the point of sale terminals and user terminals with the router. A hardware firewall will be placed between the internet and the router to prevent unauthorized access to the system. The term end node refers to any device that is connected to the end of the wired or wireless network. End nodes, or end devices include user desktops, point of sale terminals, and server in this particular case. The wireless access points will be configured to only allow company approved devices access. The devices that are approved and the wireless access points themselves will be set to highest available level of security to reduce the possibility of external threats gaining access to the network. (Isaac, 2008) The software involved with the required security would include configurations, firewalls, and anti-virus software. The routers, switches, wireless access points, and servers at each location will be configured to limit the number of possibile…

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