Cross-Layer or Hybrid Analysis and Recommendations
NTC 406
June 9, 2014
Cross-Layer or Hybrid Analysis and Recommendations
What are the QoS and performance considerations when designing a hybrid networkYou would look to the QoS to manage the dedicated bandwidth, working with latency issues, solving jitter, manage network congestion configuring the nature of network traffic. The QoS aims to provide the best possible service utilizing the architecture of the network it is working on, the QoS gives the network a more predictable efficient service. Through efficient usage of traffic policies the QoS governs giving voice, data, and web traffic a hierarchy in order to better manage resources and applications leaving the more important applications the head of the resources, helping make the whole network more efficient.
With all of this in mind I would find that my QoS considerations covered congestion, delay, and packet-loss due to overflow and limited throughput. As per delay and jitter I would look to packets going off in different directions causing packet delay resulting in jitter and latency with the transmission of audio and video I would want to look to a good QoS to address these issues and concerns.
What are the issues associated with cross-layer routingWith cross-layer routing it is possible to manage, manipulate, design, and or replace protocols of one layer bypassing any other layer without the other layer being effected or even noticing. Yet it doesn’t offer any compensation towards performance optimization throughout the different protocol layers, leaving the possibility that network performance would significantly be affected negatively.
With cross-layer routing and the ability to make these changes, I would consider management and maintenance to be affected when dealing with WMNS or other wireless networks I consider these to be most in need of scalable network performance, looking to see issues such as heterogeneous QoS…

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