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A multi-storey car park (also called a parking garage, parking structure, parking ramp, parkade, parking building, parking deck or indoor parking) is a building designed for car parking and where there are a number of floors or levels on which parking takes place. It is essentially a stacked car park.
The inside of a multi-storey car park
Movement of vehicles between floors can be effected by:
interior ramps – the most common type
exterior ramps – which may take the form of a circular ramp (colloquially known as a ‘whirley-gig’ in America)
vehicle lifts – the least common
automated robot systems – combination of ramp and elevatorWhere the car park is built on sloping land, it may be split-level or have sloped parking.
Many car parks are independent buildings dedicated exclusively to that use. The design loads for car parks are often less than the office building they serve (50 psf versus 80 psf), leading to long floor spans of 55–60 feet that permit cars to park in rows without supporting columns in between. The most common structural systems in the United States for these structures are either prestressed concrete ,concrete double-tee floor systems or post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete floor systems.
In recent times, car parks built to serve residential and some business properties have been built as part of a larger building, often underground as part of the basement, such as at the Atlantic Station redevelopment in Atlanta. This saves land for other uses (as opposed to a parking lot), is cheaper and more practical in most cases than a separate structure, and is hidden from view. It protects customers and their cars from weather such as rain, snow, or hot summer sunshine that raises a vehicle’s interior temperature to extremely high levels….

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