Ethical Perspectives

Ethical Perspectives—Final Examination
Jeannie Gilmore
University of Phoenix
March 30. 2014
Instructor: Dr. Tim Dorr
Sexual harassment can be defined when one person makes ongoing, unwanted inappropriate advances, demands sexual orientated courtesies, and other spoken or bodily conduct of a carnal nature, to another individual, against their wishes. Examples of sexual harassment occurs, “when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.”
Ethical Perspectives
I chose this assignment since it is a subject that hits close to home and one I have had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing.
In this scenario and employee comes to me asking for confidentiality with a sensitive subject of sexual harassment. I can understand her dilemma, again since this is something I had to go through as a younger person. In this situation, I have encouraged Gayle, the employee of this story, to talk to me and avoided leaping to the conclusion that I know what’s on her mind.
One reason behind my actions of encouraging Gayle to confide in me is to let her know there is someone who cares about her welfare in and outside of the workplace while maintaining her own responsibility for her actions, meaning she is left to feel she is in control of her person and her future. The second perspective is the open door policy I follow, by letting Gayle confide in me gives her a sense of not feeling alone and there is some help available to her.
By treating people with respect and honesty reduces the chances for further lawsuits against the company we both are employed. I have kept a level head and not jumped to any conclusions nor made any promises as to how things will be handled or the outcome this way it is beneficial to all parties involved. One thing I have learned with this…

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