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FIS 210 Entire CourseFor more course tutorials visit
FIS 210 Week 1 DQs part 1 of 2
FIS 210 Week 1 DQs part 2 of 2
FIS 210 Week 1 CheckPoint: Financial Goal Planning
FIS 210 Week 2 Assignment: Budget to Behavior
FIS 210 Week 3 DQs part 1 of 2
FIS 210 Week 3 DQs part 2 of 2
FIS 210 Week 3 CheckPoint: Credit Card Financing
FIS 210 Week 4 CheckPoint: Banking Scorecard
FIS 210 Week 4 Assignment: Personal Savings Strategy
FIS 210 Week 5 DQs part 1 of 2
FIS 210 Week 5 DQs part 2 of 2
FIS 210 Week 5 CheckPoint: Credit Fitness Examination
FIS 210 Week 6 CheckPoint: Buy or Lease Analysis
FIS 210 Week 6 Assignment: Castillo Lefebrve Case Study
FIS 210 Week 7 DQs part 1 of 2
FIS 210 Week 7 DQs part 2 of 2
FIS 210 Week 8 Assignment: Personal Tax Strategy
FIS 210 Week 8 CheckPoint: Ziggler’s Tax-Planning Interview
FIS 210 Capstone Discussion Question
FIS 210 Final Project: Personal Financial Plan************************************************************************************************************FIS 210 Final Project Personal Financial PlanFor more course tutorials visit www.shoptutorial.comFinal Project: Personal Financial Plan
Resources: Appendix A, and Ch. 1 of Personal Financial Planning
Create your Personal Financial Plan using the six-step process outlined on p. 7 of the text.
Collect your data for this course and any additional personal financial information necessary.
Write a 1,050 to 1,400 word paper based on your personal experiences, the readings, and research you have collected.
Complete the following in your Personal Finance Plan:
List your financial goals and outline your strategic plan for accomplishing those goals.
Describe how you will implement each part of your strategic plan. Include your budget, savings strategy, short-term investment plans, tax planning strategy, retirement plans, estate plans, housing and transportation plans, and career plans.
Evaluate your goals and…

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