Ford Motor Company
Henry Ford’s invention of the fast paced assembly line changed the way the world would work forever. Before Henry Ford started the mass production of the Model T, there was no way for everyone to have an affordable, reliable car. Henry Ford had many great ideas that he made come true, but the arguably greatest thing he did was mass produce a car that almost anyone could afford.
Henry Ford did not invent the automobile nor did he even invent the assembly line. More than anyone else though, he was responsible for transforming the automobile from an invention of unknown worth into an innovation that shaped the 20th century and continues to affect our everyday lives today. As Henry Ford was growing up he showed many characteristics hinting at what he would become. When he was as young as five, Henry Ford was getting his friends to help him build many different things and letting them know he wanted it done. This was a major trait that showed he would be a leader when he got older.
As Henry Ford grew up his traits of becoming an inventor and leader seemed to become more dominant. As a young man, Ford got a job working for the Edison Illuminating company in Detroit, Michigan; getting this job was the first step to Fords great success. While working at the Edison Illuminating Company, Ford was promoted to Chief Engineer and got to meet Thomas Edison. Edison knew about Ford experimentation with the gasoline powered automobile and welcomed it with a kind heart and much encouragement. In 1896, all the experimentation came together as what was know as the Ford Quadricycle. This was a simple light frame with four bicycle tires mounted to it powered by a simple ethanol burning engine. This was a hand built automobile that was very expensive and was once said to be “a toy for the rich.” Ford converted the automobile from an expensive curiosity into something practical that would impact the landscape of the years to come. As Ford started to get his…

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