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ASHFORD HHS 460 Week 1 DQ 2 Intake ProcessFor more course tutorials visit
Tutorial Purchased: 0 Times, Rating: No ratingIntake Process. Often when providing services, basic intake information is required. The researcher could, at the end of a given time period, examine these intake papers and, based on some need, compute descriptive statistics using information provided by the clients / participants. Information such as income, family make up, and education levels could be used to compute mean values. However, you may be asked to configure a study that can be called experimental. In this discussion forum you are asked to compare these two formats and identify in what ways they differ. In order to determine definitions of descriptive research, you will need to access the MREL Reference Appendix A. Your post should focus on differentiating these two research types and then discuss their potential contribution to research in health and human services. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.
ASHFORD HHS 460 Week 1 DQ 1 Research PresentationFor more course tutorials visit
Tutorial Purchased: 1 Times, Rating: B+Research Presentation. Assume you are asked to present a half hour talk about research in human services. Since this could cover a vast number of concepts, you decide to illustrate a basic research process (steps) and provide a real-world example taken from your text. One example is: Research in Practice 10.2 (pp. 273) and the second example is: Research in Practice 9.2 (pp. 246). Explanations as to the rational for using a scientific research method compared to just providing a theoretical explanation would make the presentation more valid. In the discussion address the notion that in so many health and human services programs,…

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