Hydraulic oil vendors would about xj type 95 hydraulic press is introduced

A, topic selection
Made of our factory is in henan province mechanism of hydraulic oil hydraulic oil factory house, the only fixed-point production of xj is a 101 model, xj – 7 b, xj – 62 type, xj – 50 type dynamic spiral hydraulic oil press, are exported to the country provinces and regions, with the development of rural economy, oil processing individual spots from small to large and medium-sized direction, in order to adapt to market changes, improve the product structure. Our factory through the national exchange fair, industry exchange channels successively for the hydraulic oil press sales market,
palm oil millusers and some factories for three weeks to check, analysis and comparison, gathering information that xj – 95 type hydraulic press machine has the production series of high, low dry cake residual oil series, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high in production, easy to form a certain scale of production capacity, etc, are small to large and medium-sized transition refined oil equipment for hydraulic oil press, is very popular with users and potential sales is bigger, although there are several domestic manufacturers, but also in short supply, our factory has many years of production of small hydraulic oil press technology and experience, so the application development of xj – 95 type dynamic spiral hydraulic oil press, got the support of the competent department.
Second, the development of
I. technology design and develop of wood file
Xj – 95 type hydraulic oil press is the only model by the national industry system diagram, but manufacturers all over the country on the basis of different fuel adaptability, improved, and the main parts of our factory after extensive investigation decided to introduce the hydraulic oil press for prototype, for surveying and mapping, and absorb the advantages of other manufacturers. The comprehensive improvement of optimization design drawings, as an advanced level, we made the above department…

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