Oil oil a refined oil equipment for oil production application

Vegetable oil according to different oil can be divided into high oil and low oil content oil fuel.Developers, including oily oil, rapeseed, cottonseed, flax seed, sunflower seeds, etc. Its oil content is in commonly 25%, usually with leaching rule of law in the vegetable oil refining oil;Low oil fuel, such as soybean, rice, oil content is in commonly 25%, usually use direct oil while the legal system.
Developed in recent ten son years oil extrusion technology on the pretreatment of soybean, rice bran, cottonseed oil was a huge success.Puffing technology makes the fuel cells are completely destroyed, grease fully exposed. To get full between the material microstructure, solvent permeability good, increase the leaching efficiency. To reduce the residual oil in the pulp;Another. Oil extrusion can effective passivation some toxins and antinutritional factors. Puffing small protein denaturation, parker as a good feed ingredients with the optimum n, high digestion and absorption, and puffed in edged out the enzymes play a role, in the low oil fuel and in rapeseed high oil oil get extensive application in the process of pretreatment and mature.
palm oil mill (http://www.palmmill.com) introduces a processing low oil oil processing plant using the puffing squeezing method system of oil refined oil equipment. Provide the reference for colleague.
1. Refined oil equipments in squeezing for oil production
Puffing technology applied in traditional oil process. Replace yan frying pan with bulking machine. The oil instantaneous puffing process in ten seconds, completely avoid the excessive protein denaturation during the process of fuel to boil to fry, squeeze oil really content decreased, the hair color shallow oil. Improve the squeeze wool oil and squeeze the quality of the cake.This technology can be used for both high oil oil can also be used for low oil oil refined oil equipment oil press.
2. The process
2.1 clean up
College degree based on soybean and impurities,…

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