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POS 410 Week 2 Individual Assignment Table Queries (UOP Course)For more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialrank.comNote before each learning team assignment is due, I will post an example exercise that will help get you on track before you prepare your learning team assignment. Also, you need to read the assignments options thread that I will post in the main class forum before the end of academic week number one.

Create an SQL server database for the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization.

Create the following relational database tables using fields listed below.

Note. Supply SQL server data types when creating tables. In the Employee table, create an Employee ID field that generates a unique number for each employee and designate the field as the Primary Key. In the Job_Title table, use a listed field as the table’s primary key or create an additional field to use as the primary key. The primary key from the Job Title table appears as the foreign key in the Employee table.

• Employee

o Employee ID
o Last name
o First name
o Address
o City
o State
o Telephone area code
o Telephone number
o Employer Information Report (EEO-1) classification
o Hire date
o Salary
o Gender
o Age
o Foreign key from Job Title table.

• Job_Title

o EEO-1 classification
o Job title
o Job description
o Exempt/non-exempt status

Use the SQL INSERT statement to go to the human resources department in the Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization. Using information found in the employee files for the La Jolla and Encinitas stores, enter records into the Employee table for the following employees:

• Glenn Edelman
• Eric McMullen

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