Boracay Island in Aklan
Chocolate Hills in Bohol
MacArthur Park Beach Resort in Leyte
Balangiga Church in Eastern Samar
Limasawa Island in Southern Leyte
Homonhon Island in Eastern Samar
Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Mactan Island
Magellan Cross Monument in Cebu City
Fort San Pedro in Cebu City
Sandugo Shrine in Bohol
Loboc River in Bohol
Guimaras Islands in Panay
Panglao Island in Bohol 
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           The Visayan islands,scattered helter-skelter in the middle of the Philippine map.Nowhere in the country can you have immediate travel access to such a wide varietyof the people,culture and history.The oldest cities and churches in the Philippines are located in the Visayas.And so do some of the best regional culinary cuisine and the most malambing(charming)people.
              As the Philippines second most important city after Manila,Metro Cebu today is an independent metropolis with a people proud of their own style of doing business as well as having fun,the”promdi”(from the province)way.Sinulog
            Cebu Province,made up of 167 islands,has five cities and 48 municipalities.The provincial capital is Cebu City located on Cebu Islands eastern coast.It is like Manila with half the traffic and pollution.New office building,malls,hotels and condominiums have sprouted up recently in the city to meet the growing needs of the people and their changing lifestyle.Accomodation is no longer problem in Cebu.Rates are very reasonable and comparatively lower than Metro Manila Hotels.Many of the beach resorts are on Mactan Island,connected by two bridges to Cebu and just 30 to 40 minutes drive from the city center.
            The Cebuanos,as the locals are called are very proud of their culture and language,preferring to use it over tagalog or Filipino,the national language.As with the people the people from the southern islands,the…

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