Water: The Depth of life
by karla mae gacusanaDeprive me with a drop of water and you wash away my right to live. Provide me a sea of it, and the world will swim its richness…Young as I am, I know and I appreciate the important things in life. I am thankful that I am alive and that I am able to enjoy life’s fascinating wonders. Sometimes, while I am deep in comforting solace, I cannot help but marvel at everything around me. I look up at the open sky and I feel the gentle warmth touch my face, I watch the trees shed their leaves dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Indeed. I am fortunate to be alive.With this I stand here today to say this to all of you—water is life. I am thankful for this gift; for without water, where is the life I conquer
In the same way the seeds need water as they thirst against the sun’s mighty heat. Sprinkle them with bountiful drops, soon after, they shall blossom as beautiful flowers….radiant and lovely.I am the seed, you are the seed. Sooner or later we shall become flowers. But first, we must face the flames of struggles the world rifles through us…until we bloom our full colors. And I am proud to say that because of water, our basic need, we are empowered to burst forth towards healthy individuals, responsible and active. How powerful is water? Water can be without the company of humans; but we as humans can only be without water for a few days.Therefore, the world’s water supply is a precious commodity, necessary for our survival. It gives nourishment to life—we are able to work, breathe and play—to experience the passion of living. Without it, we would die…the earth, supporting millions of vitality, is covered by its life-giving power. The water holds the whole marine life, which serves as the source of the foods we eat. All creatures in the world are largely composed of water, hence, they need it, the way they need the world.

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