Week 2 Brochure

Client PaperClient Paper
In the following paper I will be going over the range of problems facing human services clients, such as mental illness, substance abuse, and all forms of abuse and neglect. As well as, the speech skills that can be used with clients to help them.
Client Paper
Working in the human services field you are bound to run into various types of problems when dealing with clients. Knowing how to deal with these problems is the only way you are truly going to be able to help your clients.
Human service workers will work with a range of problems such as substance abuse, mental illness, teen pregnancy, homeless people, unemployment, grief and all types of abuse. According to the text “A problem is described as a situation, event, or condition that is troublesome for the client”. (Woodside, 2011 p.133) In order to help your clients you have to find a way to establish some type of trust. It will be even harder for a worker to get the trust of their client, if they feel forced or that the system has failed them in the past. Making sure that your client’s basic needs are met is the most important factor. Human service workers work with a variety of people so each situation is never the same. Clients with substance abuse may do better off in rehab or an AA or NA setting. Some clients might just need counseling. Some mental illness clients might just need therapy, or medicine others might need to be admitted in a hospital like setting if they are a danger to themselves or to society. Teen pregnancy is on the rise, making sure young moms are getting proper OBGYN care while pregnant is very important not only for the baby but the mom as well. Also helping prevent teen pregnancy is another way human service workers help with teen pregnancy. For some problems, they are out of their clients hands, such as, losing their job because the job market is bad. If a client loses his/her job this could…

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